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Image by Michael Marais

Fleet Sustainability

A helping hand to make your fleet greener.

There's an increasing focus on making fleets greener, and rightly so. If your business is thinking about switching all or some of your fleet to electric and are not sure how to plan to do so, Boost Auto can help.

We introduced BEV (Battery Electric Vehicles) and PHEV (Plug-In Hybrids) to New Zealand for MG. As part of the process we supported dealers in training (front line sales and service), selected the right EV charging partners for end users as well as charging infrastructure at key sites, and took the dealers on a journey of understanding and advocacy. 

The MG network needed to be ready, as their MG ZS EV is destined to be New Zeeland's best selling BEV in 2021. We needed to do all of this without making the mistakes of other brands that over-invested in infrastructure. 

We can help you consider alternative solutions for your business, for your staff's mobility or for last mile delivery. 

Boost Auto can guide you through the process and save you valuable time and money. 

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