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Ready, set, plan, go!

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Make 2022 your best year. Dream big - don't think paddling pools or swimming pools, think of oceans. Then engage with your team, bring them together and let your team come up with 'their' goals and plan the right solutions to help you achieve 'their' goals. Of course their goals are likely to be the same goals as yours. Sometimes they will be even bolder.

There is no doubt an engaged team is a more powerful team. You will benefit that everyone has a clear view of the business objectives for 2022, and will be working and moving towards these goals together. Also your team will have spent their planning time working with other departments to work towards common goals - you will develop cross functional team work.

Investing in a day out of the business will probably be the best day you can spend in 2022. Whether you run the planning day, or whether you employ the services of an outside facilitator the results will be a powerful catalyst for the year ahead.

As a business owner or a Dealer Principal you only have a short window to plan for the coming year.

With careful planning your team will develop their own solutions to your business challenges.

You can download three basic templates that will assist in your planning day below.

boost auto also has a special fixed price planning module available in January and February. The module includes pre-planning meeting (typically 90-120 minutes long), a one day workshop, and a post workshop 'summary of actions' document or presentation.

The day is designed to lead your senior managers or department managers through your goals, identifying and setting goals and targets and objectives, SWOT analysis and through to action planning, including identifying what resources may be needed, and prioritising quick wins, or difficult but vital projects.

These 'planning for 2022 workshops' can be run on-site or off-site and include all materials, but exclude facilities hire or catering, and cost just $1695 plus GST. That works out at a hourly rate about the same as your workshop retail labour rate.

Contact us for more information pop over to our Get in Touch / About Us page.

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