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Look ahead. Think differently. Challenge. 

We work exclusively in the automotive sector. It is what we know best. Whether you sell (or distribute) cars, motorbikes, campervans or even boats, we can probably help you and your business. 

We can help you plan, challenge, improve and adapt to the changing automotive landscape.

Boost Auto. Your Automotive Consultancy.

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Strategic Planning

Supporting Better Business Decisions

Emerging trends, electrification, last mile delivery, micro-mobility, new brands from overseas. We'll help you identify disruptive changes and trends that might affect your business, and consider the impacts and opportunities that these present.

We can facilitate planning sessions or present briefings to your team in readiness for planning rounds. Boost Auto can help you and your team identify, focus and set the right strategic goals for your business. However we help, we are sure your next strategic plan will get a boost that gives you the competitive advantage. 


Boost Auto Accelerator

Developing Sales Staff to Make Dealers Stronger.

The Boost Auto Accelerator programme is the distilled essence of why we created Boost Auto. We want to help create stronger dealerships by creating stronger sales staff. 


A stronger dealer is one that generates more leads, more cost effectively. It converts those leads better and sells more cars as a result. It retains customers better. 


We offer two programmes, either four or six weeks in duration. Both are built on 25 years of experience grounded in retail, with distributor sales and marketing best practice all rolled into one. At 90-120 minutes per session any sales executive or manager can fit this into their busy schedule.  Each participant will create a personalised action plan over the programme that they will be able to implement.


Our Foundation programme is for new sales staff, typically with less than 12 months new car sales experience, or those in need of a refresher. Our Accelerator Leader programme is for senior sales execs who area ready to lead a team. In short, these are the most focussed dealer training and development programme available for dealers in New Zealand. 

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Workflow Improvement

Make things happen. More smoothly.

Down in the nitty gritty of getting stuff done, your staff might also be getting frustrated. If they are, there's a fair chance that poor processes or workflows are at least part of the problem.


Boost Auto can free your team up to be more productive - and happier - by improving visibility and workflows between departments.

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Fleet Sustainability

A helping hand to make the switch

There's an increasing focus on making fleets greener, and rightly so. If your business is thinking about switching all or some of your fleet to electric and are not sure how to plan to do so, Boost Auto can help.

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Insights & Trends

Thinking Differently Needs Knowledge of What Might Be

When we are wrapped up in the day to day it is hard to change our perspective about what tomorrow might bring.


Boost Auto is passionate about  innovation and the adoption of New Energy Vehicles. We also keep a close eye on developments in the fast moving China automotive market, as well as looking for disruptive products, trends and legislation in the global market that affects the passenger vehicle and commercial vehicle markets.

We can help you see what is just over the horizon, and what emerging trends might affect our market the most. Let us help you see the future with more clarity. 

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Go To Market Strategy

Planning a better route to market

Got a brand and want to bring it to New Zealand? Boost Auto can help you navigate the New Zealand automotive landscape and develop the right Go To Market strategy for you and your brand.

We've done it before and would be happy to help your brand establish a legal entity, business and network.


Lead Management & CRM

Turbocharge every enquiry

No lead management program? No problem. Let us help you find the right lead management solution and work with lost prospects, lapsed customers as well as your existing customer database to turbocharge how you handle leads and use your CRM. We will help you increase the value of your database.


About Us


Improving performance by improving sales and marketing effectiveness in the automotive industry.

Boost Auto's Principal is Anthony MacLean, an award-winning senior executive with nearly 30 years of automotive experience in retail, consulting, marketing and sales. He has an almost unrivalled breadth of experience, gained in the UK and New Zealand.  

‘I dream about a crisp manual gearchanges and tight shut lines. At least that is what my family would say about me. Even since I can remember, I have had a passion for wheels attached to an engine. It doesn’t matter if it has two or four wheels, chances are I have the magazine and the YouTube channel set as a favourite.’ 


Originally from the UK, Anthony commenced his automotive career as a sales executive for a large dealer group where he was consistently one of the top performers. Fast forward 25 years and most recently Anthony was inspired to take a chance with a start-up business and became the Country Manager for MG in New Zealand.

He created the MG business from scratch with only a laptop, twenty-five years of lessons learned and a plan; the result was a top 10 brand, 3.1% market share and 13 dealers in less than 2 years.


Anthony would love to work with you and your business and see if he can help boost your performance too.  


Expertise and experience without the expense. 

The company we keep

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