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Market Entry Planning & Strategy

Local knowledge and know how. Ensuring a successful market entry.

Boost Auto can help you navigate the New Zealand automotive landscape and develop the right Go To Market strategy for your brand.

Why? Because we have already done it. Our Principal was the first New Zealand employee for SAIC Motor when MG was established. Furthermore, at the time he was employed there was no local legal entity, or office, staff, stock, dealers or ERM.

Whether you need to find the right local distributor, set up a local National Sales Centre office, or approach the market differently, Boost Auto can support your requirements. 

We can show you why you don't need ADR to enter the market, and we can show  you the pathway to local compliance, with minimal cost. 

NZ is also well placed for the market introduction of EV's from emerging markets. Our new vehicle volume is just 13% of Australia's yet, our EV volume is around 90%. This is because of four factors:

  1. Used imports of EVs sourced from Japan have been a prominent feature of the market for some years.

  2. Our public EV infrastructure is therefore relatively advanced (and our country has a relatively small in landmass).

  3. We have one federal government and no states. Therefore we have a coherent policy towards supporting EVs (although the local policy is lacking incentives to accelerate EV adoption). 

  4. Around 80% of electricity production is from renewable sources. 

New Zealand has a new vehicle market of around 150,000 units per year (excluding 2020), of which around 105,000 are passenger vehicles and 45,000 are light commercial vehicles (mainly pick-up trucks). It also has a virtual open border policy for used vehicles. As a result around 115,000 used vehicles arrive here every year typically from Japan. These JDM vehicles (Japanese Domestic Market) can be complied cheaply, and there is an extensive second tier parts and repair network established to support them.

You can take advantage of our unique compliance legislation to use New Zealand as a low cost entry point for establishment of your Australian operation. 

Find out how Boost Auto can help you establish your brand in New Zealand.

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