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Get Ready automations

Streamline your business by removing the bottlenecks

Down in the nitty gritty of getting cars ready for delivery, your staff might also be getting frustrated. If they are, there's a fair chance that poor processes or workflows are at least part of the problem.


If you are still using Excel, Google Sheets or Outlook to manage your Get Ready Process, then we have a simple, visual and collaborative solution for you. It is surprisingly cost effective too. 

Do you know where that grey ute for Mr Smith, due on Wednesday is? Did the parts team order the accessories? Has it got the canopy on? Will it be groomed on time? Are you really sure?

Boost Auto can make your Get Ready process more robust, more visual and more automated. 

Our online Get Ready automations are already being used by Tristram, Ebbett and Andrew Simms.  Interested to see what we might be able to do for your dealership? Then get in touch with us now.

Get Ready process stylised  process chart
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