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What participants said

Found it very informative and has helped me change some things in the way I think for the better

It was very interesting and I can use a lot of the info I got from the program

The program gave a good level of insight into all aspects of sales. It offered relevant information to help me identify where to put more attention during the sales process

I enjoyed the course, and I got quite a bit out of it

Very informative and well rounded

Participants in our last programme:
Branch Manager
Sales Executive
Sales Consultant
Assistant Brand Manager

Accelerator Programme

Get More Leads, Spend Less Money, Generate More Sales. 

The Boost Auto Accelerator programme is the distilled essence of why we created Boost Auto.  We want to help create stronger dealerships by helping develop stronger sales staff.


A stronger dealer is one that generates more leads, more cost effectively. It converts those leads better and sells more cars as a result.

We have two programmes; you can choose between face-to-face programmes or small group weekly online programmes. 


The programmes are built on 25 years of experience grounded in retail, with distributor sales and marketing best practice all rolled into one.


It will help your team develop a better understanding of the levers to pull to create better sales performance, through deeper customer relationships, the Road to a Sale, AutoPlay best practice, lead generation and conversion, and development of skills and knowledge of marketing for sales staff.


At the end of the programme staff will have created their own action plan to implement in your dealership. As a result they will be more effective at selling cars and retaining customers.

The Boost Auto Accelerator Foundation is usually a 4 week programme, two hours per session conducted online in small groups (maximum six people) at the same time every week. It is ideal for new recruits, whether experienced sales consultants or new to the industry. 

The Accelerator programme is normally a 6 week programme, 90 minutes per session conducted online in small groups (maximum six people) at the same time every week. 


Both are the most cost-effective staff development programmes in the market.  Programmes start at $1395 with 25% discounts for 2 or more participants.


Book your place today or request more information; you will join participants from some of New Zealand's leading dealerships, including Andrew Simms, Ebbett, 2 Cheap Cars, Gazley, MG Taranaki and GWD.

We usually programmes four times per year. But you'll notice the difference in your team's performance straight away. 


Not quite what you are looking for? We can tailor a programme to suit your needs, just enquire below. 

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