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BEV Sales Continue to Accelerate - But LCVs are immune to electrification.

August's registration date continues to show the strong growth of electric vehicle sales, particularly in the passenger vehicle segments. Pure electric sales have nearly tripled compared with the same month last year, as have PHEV sales. Mild hybrid sales are up too, but only slightly.

Consumer demand in passenger vehicles is accelerating as a result of increased choice, but it is worth noting that truly affordable BEVs are still absent from the market. The touted price disruptor of the BYD EA1 (Dolphin) or Ora Cat are still not yet available.

However, in Light Commercial Vehicles, which make up 21% of all vehicle sales in New Zealand, almost nothing is happening. There are no MHEV or PHEV, and just two electric vans are available. Clearly something is wrong.

Is the market waiting for an electric ute, or would affordable BEV vans clean up? Perhaps ute drivers are most resistant to change?

At Boost Auto we think the answer is fragmentation. A rethink of how goods and services are delivered. Smaller footprint vehicles, with a higher delivery rate per hour. Lighter smaller vehicles to cut through the urban traffic jams to increases efficiency and lower a business's carbon footprint. Electrification is powering micromobility and micromobility can reduce overheads and operating costs.

Whatever the causes, the opportunity is wide open for disruption.

Boost Auto is an automotive consultancy working in seven main areas.

· Market Insights & Trends

· Sales Training

· Sales and Marketing effectiveness for brands and dealers

· Green fleet facilitation for large corporates

· Go To Market strategies for emerging brands

· Business Planning and facilitation

· Operational Effectiveness

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