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Market bounces back again - EVs up 65% YTD, mild hybrids up 52%. PHEVs fail to make a mark.

The New Zealand market bounced back strongly in February up 9.5% for the month (versus Feb 2020) and was up 7.8% YTD. A strong result, especially noting we are comparing a pre-COVID February.

The table below shows the area of most interest to Boost Auto, NEV (New Energy Vehicles). It's interesting to note that much of the market was fuelled (ahem) by the growth in BEV (Battery Electric) and mild hybrids.

But no growth yet from PHEVs. The many new Plug-In Hybrids coming to New Zealand this year are not available - yet. You'll see (we predict) massive growth in BEV and PHEV this year, especially given that there are about 15 PHEVs coming to market this year. The 50% in mild hybrid growth is almost totally down to Toyota who now have a very comprehensive range of mild hybrids.

Tesla lead the EV charge predictably with 86 Model 3 (115 YTD), but MG was 2nd with 34 ZS EV (83 YTD). Third and forth was Hyundai with Kona and Ioniq (6 and 8 respectively for the month and 62 / 36 YTD).

Mitsubishi Outlander lead the PHEV charge with 38 units (79 YTD), with MINI Countryman as distant second with just 10 units (24 YTD).

However, all of these are shadowed by Toyota's combined volume of mild hybrids; 581 units in February alone (1438 YTD). Toyota holds the top 4 spots in February and the top 5 YTD. If you add in their luxury brand Lexus their result is even more impressive. Lexus alone achieved 67 mild hybrids last month (153 YTD). Suzuki squeezed to number 5 in February with 60 Swift (87 YTD).

And just in case you think that hybrids are boring, its worth reminding that McLaren also turned up in the sales chart. In January they registered a Speedtail. At 1070 PS and 1150 Nm torque I doubt its bought for fuel economy. As supercars and exotica change to meet tougher emissions standards, you'll see more vehicles at the other end of the spectrum come into the sales data.

Boost Auto also publishes a monthly Market Report available on subscription. for more information click here.


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